, Drupal @ - What's here, how is it organized, and how is it used?

the March 2007 meeting we had an excellent presentation on Drupal. A
nice high-level overview of what Drupal is, what it can do, and how
it's being used in various places.Could we have a
presentation on the next step please? How is Drupal being used at How does one participate / contribute content to,
as an individual, or as representatives of K-W LUG?Creation:-
as a demonstration of how one might create their own Drupal site, how
was initially created?   
- Who did this? What did they do? Where did they do it?Concepts
and Terms:- Drupal appears to have its own set of
concepts and terms, such as 'nodes' and 'blog entries.' Various
concepts and terms appear as one browses around - what are
they and what do they mean?
Structure:- How is the particular installation of
Drupal at structured? What's in there, and how does it all
fit together?- Every page has a plethora of
functionality within it, in not always obvious spots to click. What and
where are these links, and how do they fit into the whole site?
Content:- As a visitor to, what all is
here / what is the layout?
Authoring:- As a contributor to, what is
the authoring process?- What is filtered HTML, what is
markdown?- Can I post more complicated HTML, script, or
objects? e.g. underlined text, collapsible text, self-referencing text,
and so on. Are there 'builtins' for variable substitution allowing, for
example, named anchors?- As an individual
contributor to, what can I do? What types of content can I
create, where does it go, and how does it fit into the whole?-
As a ( organizational contributor to, what can I
do? What types of content can I create, where does it go, and how does
it fit into the whole?Current state:-
What content contributions are needed / what remains to be done - call
for volunteers.Future vision:   
- Why was the site (re)created?- What is
in progress, what could be in progress, where might things go?-
Call for volunteers to contribute.- How to participate?


Content entry is confusing.

Having typed in the basic entry, it was all run together in one big blob of text.

Cutting that same blob of text, pasting into Nvu, and copying the resulting source version back into the original text box, resulted in what you see.

Trying to demonstrate this in this comment resulted in yet another format.

Content entry and comment entry are not the same thing / don't create the same end result. What's going on?

Could this be changed to make text entry consistent, please?

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