Software Library


The following list of software is available for burning at KWLUG meetings:


OpenSuSE 10.2
SuSE Linux 10.1
Mandriva 2007
Mandriva 2006
Mandriva One
Fedora Core 6
Fedora Core 5
Fedora Core 4
Linspire 5.0
Xandros 3.0
CentOS 4.4
Ubuntu 6.10
Kubuntu 5.10

CD (sets)

Gentoo Minimal Install 2006.1
WCLP 0.8.1
Knoppix 4.0.2
Corel Linux Open Circulation (old)
Aurora Linux Beta 2 Sparc (8 CDs)
Debian Sparc (burned May 2006)
Ubuntu Sparc 6.06
NetBSD Sparc
Booth Kiosk
Kubuntu 6.10
Xubuntu Live CD 6.10
FreeBSD 6.1 (2 CDs)
Vector Linux SOHO 5.0.1
Dynebolic 2.0
Slackware 10.1 (2 CDs)
Kubuntu 6.06LTS
Demudi-Live 1.2.1
SuSE Linux Enterprise 10 Eval (2 discs - Server and Desktop)
Blag 5000
CentOS 4.4 Live CD
Fedora Core 6 PPC (disc 1 of 5)
KnoppMyth R5D1
Ubuntu 5.10
Bintoo 2007.1
Games Knoppix 3.7.2
Red Hat 7.3 (3 CDs)
Fedora Core 5 (5 CDs)
Ubuntu PPC 5.10 Live CD
Fedora Core 6 (5 CDs)

Please Note:
Please email Charles at at least a week before the next meeting if you want a multi-CD set.

Future Directions:

After a lot of discussion it seemed like a good idea to have a USB accessible drive with ISO images of our software library. A USB accessible drive would allow us to easily share Linux ISOs among those willing to burn images at meetings. The Working Centre's Computer Recycling Project is also working on a toaster where anyone can drop in and burn their own CDs. An update will be posted here when the toaster is available.