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Job Posting

Computer Recycling

Full-time Temporary
Job Creation Partnership Project **
Funded through Service Canada

March 26, 2007 (40 weeks)
$423 per week

The Working Centre’s Computer Recycling project has moved to a new location and is expanding its outreach to local businesses to encourage the recycling and refurbishing of used computers.

This project will expand the quality and number of refurbished computers made available to people living on a limited income.

The Warehouse/Shipper-Receiver position will:
• Assist in shop set-up and organization of workshop
• Assist in organizing systems for incoming and outgoing computers
• Assist in the set-up and administration of the Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher project
• Test components, build refurbished machines, prepare machines for distribution
• Assist with distribution of computers
• Support volunteers in the above activities

Skills/Knowledge Required:
• A strong knowledge of computer hardware
• Organizational skills; warehouse experience an asset
• Good communication skills; customer service experience
• Knowledge of database management
• Motivated and willing to work hard within this creative community project that offers the chance for applied learning

Apply as soon as possible, in person or by mail, with a resume to:

The Front Desk
The Working Centre
58 Queen Street South
Kitchener, ON N2G 1V6

Or by email to

** Eligibility: Must be on EI or have received EI in the last 3 years (or have received maternity/paternity benefits in the last five years), and be currently unemployed.