Updating Ubuntu Linux!

Hello, I just got my ubuntu box up and running on rogers cable internet on febuary 14th, i was wondering if anyone knows how to updated ubuntu, i've tried the update manager in the system menu and it comes up saying my system is already up to date. But it's not because im running ubuntu 6.06 dapper drake and want to update it to edgy eft 6.10, there are alot of other packages i would like to update in the process too! would anyone know how i could update it to edgy eft.

Thanks, Soulkiller

try http://www.debianadmin.com/upgrade-ubuntu-dapper-to-ubuntu-edgy-eft.html there is a thread discussing Dapper to Edgy upgrades. I've also heard that you must apt-get dist-upgrade TWICE to make the upgrade work, but YMMV -richard