Different kind of "game" to try if you have a better video card

If you are looking for a slightly different gaming experience and have
a decent computer with good video card, I would suggest looking into
http://secondlife.com if you haven't already. It is a huge 3D virtual
world where the users get to make the scenery, buildings, etc...
There is a 3D object editor built-in and each object can be scripted.
If you create a unique and innovative item, you can then sell it to
others and make linden dollars. Linden dollars can be converted to
real US dollars!! It is great fun if you like that sort of thing. It
is free to play, but costs if you want to purchase and maintain land.
But anybody can go to a public sandbox and create things. There is
even a SLLUG which meets in-game every Thursday.

They recently released the client software as open source and it is
available for Linux, Mac and Windows. The Linux version is still
"alpha", meaning some of the frilly features don't work yet, like
in-game video... but it runs great on my archlinux box. I've actually
been having more problems with the Windows version in my

I've been trying this out for the past week or so and it is just too
addictive. If you will be trying it out and would like to give me
referral credit, use the following URL when signing up...