CD and DVD availability at meetings.

The Distribution Library & Burning CDs & DVDs at Meetings

With more new members showing up to meetings it seems prudent to provide some sort of CD/DVD Linux-distribution burning facility. It would be nice to provide something like the Freedom Toaster, and in fact I've been working on putting together a low-end (Pentium III 1GHz) version of the Toaster for The Working Centre's Computer Recycling Project, which is now in the basement of 66 Queen Street (door on Charles Street - hey, I'm Charles on Charles now). But in the meeting space we have to have something mobile. I propose to bring my notebook which has a DVD/CD Burner. If other members are also willing to burn CDs and DVDs at meetings please feel free to offer to do so at meetings.

I've kept an odd collection of Linux distributions, including some old versions. Why get an old version when there are so many security flaws? Here's a few reasons I can think of:

  • Compatibility with old commercial Linux titles such as Loki's Eric's Ultimate Solitaire and Heroes of Might and Magic III.
  • System requirements - run on lower hardware resources than many modern distributions.
  • History - some distributions like Corel's CorelLinux no longer exist as they originally were (yes Xandros took CorelLinux over).

Anyway, here's a short list of DVDs I plan to bring to the next meeting:

  • SimplyMepis 6.0-1 [DVD] i386
  • BinToo 2007.1 [DVD]
  • Xandros Desktop 3.0 [DVD]
  • Mandriva 2007 [DVD]
  • SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 Eval [DVD]
  • SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 Eval [DVD]
  • Ubuntu 6.10 [DVD]
  • Ubuntu 6.06 [DVD]
  • Fedora Core 5 [DVD]
  • Fedora Core 4 [DVD]

Here's the short list of CD's:

  • Fedora Core 6 release [5 CDs]
  • Fedora Core 5 release [5 CDs]
  • Red Hat Linux 7.3 [3 CDs]
  • Freespire [1 CD]
  • Ubuntu 6.10 [1 CD]
  • Ubuntu 6.06 LTS [1 CD]
  • Kubuntu 6.06 LTS [1 CD]
  • Ubuntu 6.06 SPARC server [1 CD]
  • Blag 5000 [1 CD]
  • Dynebolic 2.0 [1 CD]
  • Demudi Live 1.2.1 [1 CD]
  • Slackware 10.1 [2 CDs]
  • Vector Linux 5.0.1 SOHO [1 CD]
  • KnoppMyth R5D1 [1 CD]
  • FreeBSD 6.1 [2 CDs]
  • Booth Kiosk [1 CD]
  • NetBSD SPARC [1 CD]
  • Debian SPARC [1 CD] - May 2006
  • Aurora Linux SPARC beta 2 [8 CDs]
  • Corel Linux OS Open Circulation CD-ROM [1 CD]
  • Knoppix 4.0.2 [1 CD]
  • WCLP 0.8.1 [1 CD]
  • Ubuntu 5.10 PPC [2 CDs]
  • NetBSD PPC [1 CD]
  • g4u [1 CD]
  • Ubuntu 5.10 install [1 CD]

I have some other CDs and DVDs which I can hopefully dig up before the meeting. Please note that I won't be bringing any blank CDs or DVDs with me. For longer sets (i.e. 8CD Aurora we'll either have to employ several machines or make the burned CDs available the following month). We also still have 7 DVDs of Fedora Core 4 to give away.

I'm open to better ideas of course.




The freedom toaster is awesome.

<a href="">Linuxcaffe</a&gt; in Toronto burns distros in-house. Perhaps you can contact them and find out how they have implemented it. *thinks to self* <em>I bet that would be a cool presentation</em>