John's January 2007 VOIP presentation (outline)

The following is a brief of John's presentation, January, 2007:

Monday 22nd of January,

Linux & Asterisk
Completely VOIP (In and Out) at Net Direct

Introduction to VOIP and SOHO

VOIP Definition
Voice over Internet Protocol
suite of protocols (use Intenet protocols: SIP, RTP, IAX, H.323, MGCP, and more)
Call setup and session signaling protocols
Audio/Video protocols
Market supports SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)

Why use VOIP
$2.50/phone number, 1.1cent to 2 cent/minute calls
Flat rate - $40/month unlimited NA calling
More services
Caller ID, call waiting, multiple calls, etc.
Ring your cell and home simultaneous
Take your phone with you

Why NOT to use VOIP
Quality is dependent on your Internet connection
Modems, faxes, security systems will not work reliably
Some services can be quirky
Requires household power
Requires additional effort
More complex than analog

VOIP Components
VOIP PBX e.g. Asterisk
VSP – VOIP Service Provider
Telephony cards – Digium, Sangoma
ATA – Analog Telephone Adapter
IP Phone – hard phone
soft phone

Asterisk (phone call router)
Open Source PBX (private Branch eXchange)
Runs Linux, Mac, Windows?
Supports VOIP and PSTN
analog cards FXO, FXS
Digital cards T1, ISDN
voice mail – multiple ways of collecting your message (i.e. Send voicemail as an email attachment)
advanced features like queuing, agents

VOIP Service Providers
Full service VSPs (Vonage)
full set of features
$40/month, free extra services and flat rate calling
A la carte (Unlimitel,, etc.)
Limited features
$2.50/month charged by the minute for all calls.

Analog Telephone Adapters
small network devices that connect a telephone or PSTN to a VOIP service
Priced from $60
All-in-one solution when combined with a VSP
Some have integrated Internet gateways (some have firewalls)

Telephony cards
requires a PC and asterisk
$160/port or less
FXO and FXS ports
T1/PRI for high density
Get the card I put on Dave's desk

IP Hard Phones
best solution for multi-extension
feature buttons: hold, conference, transfer
From $69
Built in 2 port ethernet switch

Soft Phones
Only works when your computer is on

SOHO Conversion HOWTO
decide on topology (simple, outsourced, PBX)
Obtain hardware and service
configure hardware and test incoming and outgoing calls
call-forwarding analog line to VOIP number
Long term trial
transfer analog service to voip

Choosing a topology
basic services or multiple extensions, digital voice mail, follow me.
low up front costs or low month cost
telco like service or self support

Simple Topology
Upfront cost $60 (ATA) + $50 (UPS)
Monthly cost: $2.50 + calls (~$15)
Effort: ATA setup and support
Features: Basic service

Outsourced Topology
Upfront cost: $50 (UPS)
Monthly cost: $19 + long distance
Effort: plug and play
Features: Typical phone service

PBX Topology
Upfront cost: $60 (ATA) +$50 (UPS) + PC
Monthly Cost: $2.50 + calls (~$15)
Effort: Asterisk and ATA setup and maintenance
Features: Full featured

ATA Configuration
Usually by web or phone keypad
configure tcp/ip
configure sip registration
set dial plan
other misc items
ATA Uses
provided by full service VSPs
VSP provides all the services typical to a phone company
Connect to an a la carte
Call-forward analog line to VOIP number
Long term trial
transfer analog service to VOIP