My first LUG experience was at KWLUG and this is how I found it

I discovered the kwlug when I came across a post by Rarsa on the puppy linux forums in my search for a simple distro capable of running on legacy hardware.

He mentioned that he uploaded an XDG-Menu presentation he did for his local Linux users group and his profile said he was from Kitchener, Ontario. I was surprised to see someone so close to home because most of the puppy users and forum contributors were from overseas. I checked out and had been planning on switching from vonage to a VSP/asterisk solution for a while so the next meeting topic was right up my alley. Thanks to John for his presentation and the nice gift.

I was astonished just by the number of people that were present and on top of that, the fact that it wasn't a complete sausagefest. It's a nice change to see both genders taking an interest in technology.

I'm looking forward to playing with trixbox and openstreetmap in the near future. I heard someone mention a Nominee for the FLOSS fund which I'm very interesting in learning more about. It was an organization devoted to educating the Canadian government about the benefits of OSS on a federal, provincial and municipal level. I've taken more of an interest in government OSS usage since I read time management for system administrators and the puppy research was actually for a system I'm donating to a first time computer user on town council who just needs web browsing, email and word processing.

It was a great evening (excluding the bad weather driving from Orangeville) and thank you to all the people who make the meeting possible.