KWLUG online library

Lots of folks look at the library during our meetings. Does anybody use it on the web site? Any problems with it?


The Working Centre's Computer Recycling Project is moving to 66 Queen Street (door on Charles Street), which means the LUG Library will come with us. One of the things I had planned for the new location was a couple of walls of books, like what exists in the Cafe.

I've been using Tellico to manage my own book collection. Tellico's a gem because all you have to do to enter a new book is enter the ISBN number, save the record, then update it from online sources. Tellico also has a Checkout feature with a due date. It can also create reminders that a book is due (but only on the Tellico box - it doesn't email out reminders).

Since we'll probably end up with extended hours (and open more often) the library will be available to anyone regular days (I'm thinking hours like 10:30-6 to allow for those who get off work at 5).

Hi Richard! Sorry to have to post like this, but I seem to be unable to access the reply message you sent me, I get an "unauthorized" message even though I'm logged in and authorized for almost everything under the sun.

This also brings up the subject of user to user mail on the system, it isn't as apparent as it was on the old system. There is no mail tab, nor link under the username section on the right of the screen (below Upcoming events) where I'd expect mail to be. Even under my account there seems to be no mail sub-system. Of course one can click on a user name to send mail, but I think mail might need a bit more prominence on the web site.