KWLUG Meeting Monday 05 February 2007

Understanding the X Window System

This meeting will be held at The Working Centre in Kitchener, Ontario. Our meetings are free and open to those with an interest in Linux.Doors open at 6pm for casual conversation and perhaps a Linux-related video.This meeting will include a fascinating look at the X Window system. There will be information to entertain and amaze beginners and experienced gurus alike. The formal presentation will begin at 19:00.
* * *
Chris Frey will demonstrate and discuss the X Window System from a user's point of view, focusing on the common tools that come with X, regardless of which desktop system you choose to use. The following topics are planned:

  • X configuration overview
  • The X startup process
  • Connecting to your X server
  • X managers
    • The display manager
    • The window manager
    • The session manager
  • Cut and paste
    • What's the difference between the current selection, cut buffer, and clipboard?
  • X toys
  • Poking around the X window system
  • X fonts
  • X authentication
  • X forwarding
  • Security recommendations and conclusion

The presentation is intended for intermediate audiences.
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