Organizing Cambridge LUG

There are already LUG in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Cambridge, England. Why not Cambridge, Ontario? Well, now there is a LUG in Cambridge, Ontario. Or there will be, shortly.

CambridgeLUG Will hold pre-meetings, in December 2006 and January 2007 before the official grand Opening in February 2007.

The December, Organizational Meeting invites the participation and input of those interested in helping to form and mold Cambridge LUG.

The January 2007 Founders Meeting will embrace and extend the work of the first meeting. We'll discuss upcoming meeting schedules, topics for presentations and other matters of the LUG. We'll have our first presentation too.

The Grand Opening in February 2007 will feature clowns, dancing bears, an air show, and an audience give-away that will make Oprah look like a skinflint the wonderful embodient of our plans from the previous meetings. You might recognize some of the features of KWLUG meetings in Cambridge, and you might recognize some of the faces.

Come on out and be part of Cambridge LUG, as a complement to your participation in KWLUG.