KWLUG Copyright / License

What to do? What to do?

B. pointed out that the KWLUG web site (this site) claims © KWLUG at the bottom of each page. It does this because I put it there when assembling the template for the page. What should the content license for the KWLUG web site really be? I think that the cc-by license is ideal for text content.



Not sure I like the free to copy part. Maybe I'm just being paranoid. [Think e-mail forwarded beyond what it should be, with others comments added, getting to the wrong place, such as back to the original author.]

Yet I know that such paranoia is diametrically opposed to the spirit.

Like you say ... What to do? What to do?

Think I recently heard on the news about a bank running an IPO for someone, where an employee let the cat out of the bag. The bank is no longer allowed to participate now.

<code>© B. Switzer - No copying or duplication in whole or in part permitted.</code>