Installing Linux and the K8N-DL motherboard

Hello -

Does anyone out there have any experience or tips on installing linux onto an ASUS K8N-DL motherboard? I've tried SUSE 10.1 and RHEL 4 rel4, I've tried both on-board SATA controllers, I've tried with and without hardware RAID, but all with no luck. The system has dual AMD Opteron processors, and 4GB of RAM. I've found a number of sites that claim this can work, although linux is not officially supported by ASUS on this mobo.

When HW RAID is off, the install sees all 4 drives, and allows me to partition them and finish the install, but upon reboot it will not recognize a valid system drive and won't boot. Any suggestions would be very welcome!



Try the following distros
they should work fine!
1. Sabayon 3.1 for 64bit and 32bit. Both processors recognized and the full memory (4GB).
2. Kubuntu 6.06 for 64bit and 32bit. Same as above.
3. Mepis 6 for 32 bit. One processor and a little less than 4GB)
4. Ubuntu 6.10 32 bit.