new (local) open source project formed

I have started a brand new open source project to take the SIMPL toolkit
( into an area that I have some
experience with:    Access Control systems for buildings.

This new project has a home at:

This project will use an LGPL'd framework coupled with a user licencable
plugin architecture.     The business logic will be cast as a finite

Although I'm focusing the initial effort on access control systems for
buildings,  I believe that the framework will be expandable to include a
wider class of building automation software.

I'm in the process of uploading some seed code written in C to get this thing
started.     The business logic in this seed code will be for a simple door
which can be closed-locked, closed-unlocked, open, forced open or held open.

We welcome any programmers with C, Python or Tcl/Tk experience who want some
interesting code to fiddle with.      Even programmers with limited
experience with these languages but who simply want to gain some more are

There is lots of work to do.    Worst case is we'll have some fun writing code
for an interesting class of problems.    Best case we'll evolve a Sugar CRM
type following and get paid to customize (write plugins) for this

If you are interested just subscribe yourself to the opndrs mailing list and
we'll take it from there.