Meeting topics

On the sheet I passed around last night a few people expressed an interest in the following topics:

  • Kernel
  • Backups
  • Web servers

We did have a presentation on backups not that long ago if I rememnber correctly (I may have just read an article somewhere).


We did have a presentation scheduled for backups, but the presenter cancelled.

I'd be interested in a presentation about working with the linux kernel & various backup methods. I've done backups over the years to an SME server using rsync over ssh with some custom shell scripts that keep 7 days worth of snapshots by following the details on this contrib:
It's heavily inspired by Mike Rubel's rsync snapshots and was not only a good learning project but also the most reliable solution I've used to date. I'd be interested in hearing from others about how they manage their backups.
I've heard of Amanda & Bacula but I haven't tried them yet as they appeared to be complicated when I last looked at them. I wish I was at the presentation on April 07 2003 that was put on by John van Ostrand & Chris Burgess so I could've seen it in action first hand.
~Joe D