SIMPL project posts new reusable and extendable components

The SIMPL open source project aims to bring Send/Receive/Reply (QNX style) message passing to Linux.

The project has now been in existence for 7 years and the central LGPL'd toolkit is now quite stable and mature at v3.0.3. It features several utilities in addition to the library including a full featured set of TCP/IP based surrogates which allow complete network transparency to the messaging.

The SIMPL project has a collection of reusable and extendable components called softwareICs:

Three new ones have recently been added to the collection:

- polling emitter
- scheduler
- proxy

The SIMPL project could always use developer help in expanding its reach particularly into the Python area.

If you think SIMPL might be useful for a project you are thinking about, don't hesitate to contact us on the SIMPL project mailing list. We are more than willing to help you get up to speed with the toolkit. If your application is itself open source we'd be more than happy to help with free coaching with your design.

In fact we recently helped a group in Brazil setup a SIMPL based data acquisition system for a physics teaching laboratory (straight public domain licence):

We also helped the IO Anywhere network appliance company port their SIMPL based API into an open source LGPL'd library: