KWLUG meeting Monday 14 August 2006

The EFF Variety Show: Requests, Questions, and (Hopefully) Answers on Tech Policy in Canada and Beyond

This meeting will be held at The Working Centre in Kitchener, Ontario. Our meetings are free and open to those with an interest in Linux.Doors open at 6pm for casual conversation and perhaps a Linux-related video.This month Ren Bucholz, from the Electronic Frontier Foundation will be here to discuss issues important to F/LOSS.
* * *
Ren is Electronic Frontier Foundation's Policy Coordinator, Americas. He will introduce the EFF to those of us who are unfamiliar with their work. Other topics of discussion will include technology policy and law in Canada, advocacy issues involving F/LOSS, EFF technology projects, privacy and censorship.

Presentation material will be placed here closer to the meeting date.