KWLUG Member blogs

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KWLUG Member Blogs

Drupal has made the possibility of individual blogs for each KWLUG member a possibility. What are the advantages and disadvantages of KWLUG member Blogs? What is are the uses for a blog, versus a forum post, versus a mailing list post?

Member blogs have their own RSS feeds. Interested readers can syndicate just the writers they choose to follow, or all of the KWLUG bloggers at once.


A KWLUG user blog might be the idael place for our members to show and tell things to those with an interest. Blog posts would be little announcements. Of tips and tricks. Of new software versions. Of new article and book publications.

A blog entry might be the best place for each presenter to announce each of their topics. The blog entry could be linked to the front page for prominent display when the topic is due at the Next Meeting. But it would still be edited by the topic author, and could be automatically archived (and updated) as appropriate.

The blogger / author can tag the blog entry for better search results.