Interesting Drupal Modules

This is a list of modules that have caught my eye. Some of them may be useful for our installation, but I am mostly posting them so that I can see what they do later.

  • Aggregator2: Collect and display Atom and RSS feeds arbitrarily.
  • Article: "allows for nodes of any type to be organized and displayed in a centralized location". It is not clear why this is different from what the rest of Drupal offers.
  • Atom: provides Atom 1.0 feeds.
  • BBCode: adds BBCode functionality.
  • CodeFilter: Allows easy posting of code blocks.
  • Comment closer: Closes comments on some schedule.
  • CSS: Allow CSS styles for any node. Maybe we need this to make a proper KWLUG theme?
  • Delicious:
    allow users to have lists associated with them.
  • Event: Show calendars of events. Is this what we want for the multi-LUG listings?
  • Folksonomy: This enables tagging, but it says that it is only a dependency for other modules. Hrm.
  • Glossary: provides a "Glossary" type.
  • Image: allows users
    to upload images.
  • Keyword: provide keyword linking of nodes. Is this tagging?
  • ListHandler: Bill Traynor was talking about this for mailing list<-> forum integration.
  • Node Keywords: Set keywords for nodes. (Is this tagging?)
  • Node Type Filter: Filter by node type (making custom feeds)
  • Prodigem: Make .torrents of files easily (automatically?). These are hosted on some other site, I think.
  • Project: Issue tracker. Maybe Richard could use this to organize his "meetings wanted/offered" lists?
  • QuickTags: Adds buttons above all text areas. I don't think this is actually for tagging.
  • RemindMe: Send reminders to users. Maybe this way people would not need monthly messages on kwlug-announce.
  • AntiSpam: a module to fight canned meat.
  • Syndication: publish all RSS feeds to a single page.
  • Tagadelic: Generates a page with weighted tags. I don't know exactly where the tags come from, though.
  • Tagnode: Node to node associations, using the taxonomy system. I don't know what that means, though.
  • Taxonomy Browser: Allows users to build their own category views.
  • Taxonomy Multi Editor: Manage taxonomy terms in bulk.
  • UrlFilter: Convert URLs into hyperlinks.
  • Volunteer: Allow management of volunteers and tasks. It sounds like this is a candidate for the Meeting manager as well.
  • Wiki: A wiki module.
  • Wishlist: allow users to have wishlists. Maybe for the library/distros/help wanted ads?

It looks like Drupal cares a lot about taxonomies and vocabularies. Thinking about it as a tag-oriented site (which is why I was looking through this list in the first place) might be a mistake. Clearly I have to learn more about how this program thinks.

Maybe we could come up with good vocabularies so that tags will be unnecessary? Are users allowed to come up with vocabulary elements? It does appear that you can have multiple categories for items if you want.