Drupal 8 Website Transition Issues Page

There is a testing version of the new KWLUG website available at https://d8.kwlug.org . Please explore the new website and report issues using the Contact Us page.

What Should Work

  • Meetings, blog, podcasts, vidcasts and other content all have been transferred.
  • Meeting and presentation nodes have been merged.
  • All old links to nodes should work (via redirects in the case of presentations).
  • Attachments should work (but all attachments are visible, which is different).
  • Menus are set up and should work on mobile and desktop displays
  • Many podcasts/vidcasts are associated with their meeting nodes (please report incorrect or missing associations).
  • If you block Javascript from most sites (notably Cloudflare) but not kwlug.org, your menu will be expanded. (will not fix, probably).

What Does Not Work (Yet)

  • For logged in users, the admin toolbar does not work in Midori
  • Meeting locations from May 2007 to June 2009 need to be checked

What Has Been Fixed

Fixed in production

  • Laptop Rescue Missions show up as being held at 7pm, not 4pm (we will fix this in the final version)
  • The "Other Places to Find Us" block is missing (we will recreate it in the final version)
  • Links on the "mailing lists" page are broken (we will fix this when the mailing lists are migrated)

Fixed in rc1

  • Old RSS feeds on the current site need to be redirected to new ones
  • Maybe the site shows up blank in Firefox for Android? We need confirmation reports of this. (Confirmed that this works. Thanks Khalid and Chris.)
  • The site is not SSL by default?

Fixed in alpha 2

  • When Javascript is turned off the menu is fully expanded.
  • On Internet Explorer 11, the logo is stretched out. (Oh IE. Never change.)
  • Changed the colour of the bikeshed (site background) to make it darker blue

Feature Requests

  • KWLUG Planet of associated bloggers (waiting for more KWLUG members to sign up)
  • iCal feeds for meetings (waiting for Drupal 8 iCal support to improve).
  • Organizational pages accessible to meeting organizers only

Site Goals

  • Making the site mobile-friendly.
  • Reorganize the site to make it easier to find the information people care about.
  • Focus on meetings as the central organizing force, associating information like podcasts and vidcasts with their meeting pages.
  • Reduce the use of the website as a multi-user portal of content creation. People can still use KWLUG as a blogging platform if they want, but so few people used this functionality it is not helpful to keep it as central functionality.
  • For security reasons, only provide accounts to people actively creating content for the site.
  • Preserve as much historical information as feasible, because some of the old content is interesting to look at years later.
  • Keep all user accounts of those who have created content; get rid of all others (most of whom were spam).