KWLUG Meeting: Monday, January 9 2017, 7pm

Vagrant workshop

Meeting Date

Justin Filip will lead an interactive workshop on setting up Vagrant. He writes:

Have you ever heard or used the phrase “well, it worked on my machine”? Have you ever tried to replicate your production environment locally and found it to be incredibly difficult, hard to accurately reproduce or completely impossible? Are you trying to do anything at all on a Windows machine?

Vagrant is probably the answer to all of your problems. Whether you are developing by yourself, working with a team, or pushing to a very specific production environment, Vagrant can help you build repeatable, reliable virtual machines in Windows, Mac OS and Linux dev environments.

What to expect:

We will be using Vagrant to create a Ruby development environment that will allow us to create a sample Rails application running on a PostgreSQL database backend. We will touch on topics such as:

  • box discovery and providers
  • machine provisioning
  • plugins
  • deployment

No coding or Virtual Machine experience is required but it will help with understanding advanced concepts.

What to bring:

Bring your laptop (Windows, Mac, or Linux machines) with your favourite text editor and please pre-install the latest versions of the following for your operating system:

You will want a laptop that has virtualization extensions enabled. Plenty of RAM (8GB or more) would be helpful.