Drupal 6 Exit Strategy: Website Wishlist

If you are an activated member you can probably edit this page. If you
cannot, contact Paul and you can get an account on the website.

Worth reading (and indicative of why obsolete archived content can be useful): http://kwlug.org/node/26


Must haves

  • Meeting announcements/agendas
    • Date, time, location of meeting
    • RSS and iCal feeds
    • Link to podcasts, vidcasts, slides of presentations
    • EASY and QUICK to update
  • Multiple people able to update the website
  • Static pages
    • guidelines for presenters
    • attendance sheets and other administrative files
  • Contact page
  • Skill-testing questions to reduce spam
  • Register (externally-hosted) podcast content in podcast feed
  • Allow integration of video content when applicable

Strong wants

  • Meeting announcement wants
    • Easy insertion of graphics/pictures (no resizing!)
    • Pingbacks of mentions on the web
  • Simplify! Clean up some of the cruft!
    • Get Help, Learning should be integrated
    • Most of the sidebars should go away
    • Presentation topic nodes should be merged with meeting agenda ones
      (and both URLs should resolve to the same page)
    • Old login information of spam accounts should be purged
    • Get rid of Modr8 and Node Relativity (if we stick with Drupal)
  • Migrate old FLOSS Fund posts and blogs (including attachments)
  • Allow tracking of member blogs and publish a "planet" feed
  • Links to other places on the web
    • (does anybody use this?)
  • Directory of members and their published code (or other

    • What should happen to the "Local Activities" section?
  • Bigger, more readable fonts in the theme

Nice to haves

  • Easy rollover of old meetings from the top of the page
    • Currently done with Drupal views
  • Migrate URL structure (especially since podcast info refers to old
    node structure)
  • Markdown input
  • Responsive website design
  • Post-meeting notes and audio transcriptions
  • (Maybe) member ranking of content
  • Member-specific RSS feeds
  • Integrate Watcamp calendar somehow

Do not want

  • Give SSH access to everybody who wants to commit
  • Have one person responsible for pulling/merging updates

Contentious Issues

There are disagreements about the following:

Static websites vs Drupal

Static websites have a smaller attack surface. Options (has anybody
used any of them?)

Maybe a static website would be simpler?
But hosting version control would be required

Drupal has a higher learning curve. Drupal is no longer trendy.

Drupal has a well-defined path for migrating our content. Lots of
people have gone through the pain of migrating Drupal 6 to Drupal 7.
It is probably pretty easy now.

Hosting blogs

Some people want the website to host blogs so that members can
contribute content.

Andrew wants the website to consolidate blogs hosted elsewhere.