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> Going back to the story ... if RIM is to run Android apps ... why choose
> RIM over anything else?
> Or, ... else, why is RIM's QNX adoption significant?

It would be significant if they licensed QNX for other hardware vendors,
thus creating a hardware ecosystem that would lead to a larger apps and user
ecosystem. If they are confining it to their own hardware, it does not have
much of an impact. Think Apple's OS/X on Mac hardware.

Morever, QNX so far runs on RIM's tablet only, not the current handsets. Not
sure if future handsets will be QNX or not.

Assumption: QNX brings something to or with the Android party.
> - accepted: RIM running Android gives corporate an Android migration path.
> While keeping whatever current advantages the RIM backbone brings to the
> party.

RIM's capability to run Android apps does not mean you can run any Android
app. Someone at RIM told me once that they have a subset of "certified" apps
that you can install and run on their hardware, and that is it. You do not
have a full Android API to write against, nor can you install everything
from Android's market (Android's strongest point).
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