[kwlug-disc] Google purchases Motorola (Mobile)?

John Johnson jvj at golden.net
Fri Aug 19 00:18:55 EDT 2011

On 2011-08-18 22:45, Khalid Baheyeldin wrote:
> It would be significant if they licensed QNX for other hardware 
> vendors, ....

QNX remains a software product in its own right.

However, the adaptation of the QNX "ecosystem" to mobile devices appears 
to be RIM specific.

In looking over the "new releases" on the QNX website 
http://www.qnx.com/ <http://www.qnx.com/>
I note that there has been a lot of business activity - outside of the 
RIM's mobile development sphere - since the April 2010 acquisition of 
the company by RIM.

And, I suspect that this non-RIM mobile business activity will remain.


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