[kwlug-disc] Google purchases Motorola (Mobile)?

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Thu Aug 18 20:12:31 EDT 2011

Chris Irwin wrote, On 08/18/2011 7:52 PM:
> On Thu, Aug 18, 2011 at 03:43:16PM -0400, unsolicited wrote:
>> For example, the Palm, as I understand it, does not multi-task. But
>> it can hold multiple tasks in various states. Then rotate among
>> them, given appropriately behaved apps. (Let alone signals, etc.)
>> Task switching is not multi-tasking.
>> Multiple tasks do not simultaneously run. (Back to splitting hairs,
>> nothing actual runs multiple tasks simultaneously, it just switches
>> between them REALLY fast.)
> My experience with WebOS ...

The Palm experience I refer to is pre-WebOS. Guess I should have put 

Which is not to say you're not right.

What I regularly experience is multiple notifications coming up, I say 
'go to item' on the first reminder, up comes another in the meantime, 
and the whole stupid thing falls apart. [I now no longer remember 
which reminder started the mess, let alone not have it come back 3 
minutes later to deal with then.]

A well known issue with Palm. Something that could well have used true 
preemptive multitasking instead of the task rotation scheme actually 
used. Regardless of the term, it should all have been done better.

A well known and significant advantage of QNX(2) at the time was the 
well run preemptive multitasking. They would not have lost that in 
QNX4. Posix adoption / implementation is a different story - and had 
far more to do with the world acclimatizing to Posix than anything else.

Going back to the story ... if RIM is to run Android apps ... why 
choose RIM over anything else?

Or, ... else, why is RIM's QNX adoption significant?

Assumption: QNX brings something to or with the Android party.

- accepted: RIM running Android gives corporate an Android migration 
path. While keeping whatever current advantages the RIM backbone 
brings to the party.

	- does the RIM backbone competitive advantage diminish in this day of 
'OpenVPN', 'ssl', and/or 'pgp'? (I'm assuming PDA clients exist that 
maintain just as much confidentiality as anything RIM brings to the 
party, in a different manner.)


[I am not expressing opinion here - I have no experience upon which to 
have an opinion. Honest questions.]

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