[kwlug-disc] Ubuntu 12.04 LTS localhost* and internet fail - where to start^h^h^h^h^h continue?

Khalid Baheyeldin kb at 2bits.com
Sat Apr 12 18:53:54 EDT 2014

On Sat, Apr 12, 2014 at 6:30 PM, John Johnson <jvj at golden.net> wrote:

>  On 2014-04-12 18:16, Khalid Baheyeldin wrote:
> $ wget --server-response -O /dev/null localhost
> The response is as you describe, i.e. OK.
>  8) FF: w/address "localhost/index.php" (or any of the expected test/info
>> pages) returns a 404 "Not Found" error
>  First create a test.txt file and put in it a few words.
>  Put it in /var/www and make it 644.
> I have various test files at /var/www and cannot access any with FF:
> http://localhost/<filename>.
> Each attempt returns the 404 error.

Yes, but this one is just a plain text file, and you were trying a php
file. Different problems.

So, first see if you can serve the text file from that location, then we
move to installing mod_php afterwards.

> Hence my assumptions re: localhost mapping done by the new installation of
> apache.
> Thanks for the direction to look at: /etc/apache2/sites-enabled

The file /etc/apache2/sites-available/default is usually symlinked to

The way to enable sites from sites-available is the a2ensite command.

Try typing
sudo a2ensite

And see if default is listed. If it is then type it at the prompt and
restart Apache.

Then try the .txt file and see if it is served.

Only then install libapache2-mod-php5 to enable PHP.

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