[kwlug-disc] Ubuntu 12.04 LTS localhost* and internet fail - where to start?

John Johnson jvj at golden.net
Thu Apr 10 09:57:29 EDT 2014

*Solved - For the most part.*

(This information provided for the possible benefit of others. And 
continuing advice from the LUG.)

The culprit: Windows (of course).

A last XP update came in overnight on April 9 and somehow my direct 
internet access configuration through the router went missing.
This caused Windows to bring up a DSL / Broadband dialer dialog as a 
(I noted activation of the DSL / Broadband dialer dialog at the time,  
but did not think that it was significant.)

Linux box: ifconfig: IP address:
Windows box: ipconfig: IP address:
pings from one to the other work as expected
ping works on both boxes


Before either the Linux box or the Windows box were booted and internet 
sessions were established, the DLink router had an active PPPoE session 
with my ISP.
And after the Linux box was booted and I started browsing, and was doing 
so through the session established by the router.
(Things were as they should be.)

The Windoze box was booting at the time and, eventually, brought up the 
DSL / Broadband dialer dialog. (Something it did not do the day before.)
The Windoze the DSL / Broadband dialer dialog established a session 
while I was in an internet session on my Linux box.
And, somehow, the internet session on my Linux box was trashed.

By request my ISP allows for two internet sessions and after the Windoze 
boot I had two sessions, a PPPoE session established by the DLink router 
and one by the DSL / Broadband dialer dialog. There was no room for a 
third session from the Linux box.

The behaviour of mixing two boxes and one router was very confusing 
until the support people at my ISP reminded me that I was allowed two 

After setting up a DSL / Broadband dialer option on the Linux box I was 
able to establish an internet session through the router, but only if 
the Windows box was offline.
But when there was a DSL / Broadband dialer session on the Windows box, 
the Linux box was blocked.
I presume that the Windows box would be similarly blocked if the reverse 
was the case. (Unconfirmed.)

All this after reconfiguring / reflashing the DLink router and checking 
that the DSL modem was in the bridged mode.
And reconfiguring the internet connection configurations in both the 
Windows and Linux boxes.

Regards and Thanks

Following solicited assistance from unsolicited I found:
This after seeing the caution contained within resolv.conf I rebuilt the 
same, using the information above.
(Again, This information provided for the possible benefit of others.)

On 2014-04-09 19:15, unsolicited wrote:
> Every so often I find resolv.conf gets trashed.

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