[kwlug-disc] Advanced(?) Git usage question

Adam Glauser adamglauser at gmail.com
Wed Apr 9 15:44:53 EDT 2014

My specific questions:
- is there a Git command that will tell me the revision closest to HEAD
which has both A and B as ancestors? Kind of the opposite of `git
- I'm trying `git bisect`, but this seems more useful if I'm not already
sure which revisions are the source of the bug. Would you use `git bisect`
in a situation like this?

Here is my situation to provide some context:

- I have a bug in my code which causes a crash.
- The offending line of code is identified in the stack trace
- Using `git blame HEAD <source file>`, I can see when the offending line
was last changed. (commit A)
- I can also determine that this is a problem due to integration of a new
feature. (commit B)

I think the best practices approach would be to create a branch starting
with the revision where this feature was introduced (commit B), fix the
bug, then merge the fix in to whichever other branches need it.

To complicate matters a bit, there are three branches involved - master, rc
(release candidate) and fb (feature branch).

The original change which conflicts with the feature was merged into master.
The feature branch was originally merged into rc, which has since merged
into and from master a few times.

So I'm not certain if rc contained commit A when commit B was introduced.
I'm finding it difficult to trace the history using `gitk` to determine
this visually.

More generally, is my bugfix branching approach reasonable? It seems like
an awful lot of work for a very minor bugfix, will it make my life easier
in the future? I haven't used Perl for a while, but I do see laziness as a
virtue. Perhaps this last question is too off-topic, feel free not to
answer this.
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