[kwlug-disc] Big Brother Insurance Company?

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Mon Apr 7 00:27:21 EDT 2014

One thing I should clarify - on 'health care fraud'.

On the one hand, everyone will 'work the system'. Auto insurance health 
procedures will be rigorously followed - they are mandated by 
legislation (at least in Ontario). After all, the practitioners want to 
get paid, and they do get audited. If you get, say, 8 visits, 8 visits 
you get.

What I meant more by the phrase was multiple people piling into a car 
and 'having an accident', thus able to claim medical expenses. Whiplash, 
say. Or hit a pot hole, or coming to mind is that spot on the Gardiner 
(?) going to downtown Toronto where if you get up enough speed you can 
go seemingly airborne.

So 'health care fraud' was intended to refer to 'bogus' claims for care, 
less so fraud in the provisioning of that care.

Sorry if I wasn't clear.

Along the way, sadly, the right to sue, in many areas, has been taken 
away. Keeps the insurance profit levels up, after all. Evidently they 
have good lobbyists.

On 14-04-06 04:16 PM, unsolicited wrote:
> Bothered, yes. Anything to be done about it, no.
> People will take it to save a buck. The masses will ignore sense. I
> expect it will preserve more insurance company profit than it will ever
> save the consumer.
> Never mind the biggest cause of costs is unpursued fraud, and health
> care fraud. Cheaper for insurance companies to pay than to prosecute.
> How about a fine to insurance companies for not prosecuting.
> Opt-in or no, which is a fantasy, it will become the norm.
> I wouldn't call myself an aggressive driver, but I would say assertive.
> However, they would bump up my rates based on my driving, despite my
> disagreement with their criteria.
> I expect the biggest cause of accidents is people being unpredictable. I
> can live with and work around people doing predictable / expected things
> - it's when they don't that they cause aggravation. Like not taking
> their right of way / getting on with it. Take it / go / get out of my
> way. I hate those people.
> Hold on to your hats ... no doubt Glenn will chime in soon. (And
> rightly, justifiably so.)
> On 14-04-06 03:55 PM, CrankyOldBugger wrote:
>> Is anyone else out there as bothered as I am by the new commercial from
>> Desjardins Insurance that claims that you can get lower auto rates by
>> installing their black box in your car?  Are they so blatant about spying
>> on us that they can put it in a TV commercial?  Are people falling for
>> this?
>> Maybe I've been reading too much RMS lately, but the idea of a private
>> company knowing this much detail about me is a bit disturbing.
>> Any thoughts, anyone?
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