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Bob Jonkman bjonkman at sobac.com
Fri Apr 4 15:38:40 EDT 2014

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Perhaps we can have a shootout between ownCloud and DS Cloud at a
future KWLUG meeting....

- --Bob.

On 14-04-04 03:35 PM, CrankyOldBugger wrote:
> With all the talk lately on the web about GDrive dropping their
> prices, Dropbox looking at files and Ubuntu closing Ubuntu One,
> I've been looking at an alternative (I currently have
> Skydrive/Onedrive, GDrive and a purchased Dropbox account.)
> One thing that never occurred to me until recently was that my NAS
> box (a Synology 412+) comes with a "cloud" software package called
> DS Cloud.  You set up the server software accordingly, then install
> client software on your client machines.  I've set it up on my work
> laptop and my personal laptop.
> So far so good.  One problem I had was I wasn't paying attention at
> the server side and didn't notice that my videos and music folders
> were set to be monitored by the DS Cloud.  The software makes its
> own copy of everything when it's indexing so I actually had my
> server's hard disks fill up and seize when it made duplicates of
> these two folders.  That was nasty. I had to uninstall the cloud
> software then go manually clean out the index folders.
> One downside of running my own cloud server is that if the house
> burns down, I don't have any offsite copies of anything (assuming I
> close down my GDrive, Dropbox, etc.)
> A positive side is that nobody is going to be rifling through my
> files like Dropbox has apparently been doing with some users.
> I'll try to put my experiences with running my own cloud server
> into better words once I've had a bit more practice with the
> operation.  But I wanted to post this in case anyone else is
> concerned about online cloud storage options.
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