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CrankyOldBugger crankyoldbugger at gmail.com
Fri Apr 4 15:35:16 EDT 2014

With all the talk lately on the web about GDrive dropping their prices,
Dropbox looking at files and Ubuntu closing Ubuntu One, I've been looking
at an alternative (I currently have Skydrive/Onedrive, GDrive and a
purchased Dropbox account.)

One thing that never occurred to me until recently was that my NAS box (a
Synology 412+) comes with a "cloud" software package called DS Cloud.  You
set up the server software accordingly, then install client software on
your client machines.  I've set it up on my work laptop and my personal

So far so good.  One problem I had was I wasn't paying attention at the
server side and didn't notice that my videos and music folders were set to
be monitored by the DS Cloud.  The software makes its own copy of
everything when it's indexing so I actually had my server's hard disks fill
up and seize when it made duplicates of these two folders.  That was nasty.
 I had to uninstall the cloud software then go manually clean out the index

One downside of running my own cloud server is that if the house burns
down, I don't have any offsite copies of anything (assuming I close down my
GDrive, Dropbox, etc.)

A positive side is that nobody is going to be rifling through my files like
Dropbox has apparently been doing with some users.

I'll try to put my experiences with running my own cloud server into better
words once I've had a bit more practice with the operation.  But I wanted
to post this in case anyone else is concerned about online cloud storage
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