[kwlug-disc] Favourite free sip registrars?

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Fri Sep 13 17:17:38 EDT 2013

The registrar part of a registrar should be in essence just a directory 
service. sip://guest42@workingcentre.org could merely be a redirection 
to sip://guest42@sip2sip.org.

Most free sip registrars offer voicemail. I expect many simply 
downloading it to the associated e-mail address.

If the working centre voicemail could be accessed via voip (voip 
address), then a softphone could retrieve it. (Or is it delivered as 
.wav files to an e-mail address?)

e.g. Such as via the computers we offer every Friday night at OOTC.

Part of where I'm coming from on some of this stuff - we have but one 
physical phone Friday nights, no long distance. But 6+ laptops sitting 
there waiting for guest use. (They do e-mail, facebook, other stuff. 
Opportunity for learning there, too, but so far little interest.)

With Working Centre during day, and us at night, I've wondered how to 
leverage Working Centre computer facilities / opportunities / learning 
from us to there during the evening when the Working Centre is closed.

On 13-09-13 01:55 PM, Paul Nijjar wrote:
> $0/month is certainly a factor. I think this free SIP thing could be a
> good complement to a service we offer (disclaimer?) -- a community
> voicemail system that gives people a free voicemail box so they can
> receive messages reliably.
> I think that a phone+wifi+softphone could work for people.
> - Paul
> On Fri, Sep 13, 2013 at 01:04:22PM -0400, unsolicited wrote:
>> To be fair, the fixed monthly fee for unlimited (3500 minutes), 2
>> channels, is an option. Since I'll never talk for 396 minutes in a
>> month, I'd go for the $0.99 per month, $0.01 per minute plan,
>> unlimited channels. And that's only if one gets a DID.
>> You can call out for a $25 deposit, $0.0052/minute, Canada, and not
>> worry about the DID. People will still get you at sip://me@voip.ms,
>> and VoIP to VoIP is free.
>> But then, this was only ever about calling out to non-PSTN, anyways
>> - there's no way for a caller to know where these people will be at
>> at any given point in time, to know if they're currently connected.
>> As for hardware thingie ... wi-fi and one's android phone. Done.
>> - assuming one has one, and the knowledge transfer.
>> Or laptop softphone at home, headset, and/or one of those usb /
>> phone adapters. Or just use the builtin mic/camera/speakers.
>> Remember - $0/month income. At least for the case of the OP.
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