[kwlug-disc] Trying out some additional material on past meeting pages...

Bob Jonkman bjonkman at sobac.com
Mon Sep 9 16:48:31 EDT 2013

I'm all in favour of having info appear in multiple places. But
unsolicited is right, it would be good to have these things update
themselves from the authoritative sources, such as an Atom/RSS feed. Of
course, Google, Twitter et.al. have discontinued publishing Atom/RSS
feeds, the better to coerce you into their ecosystems.

In addition to Paul's meeting notes and Chamunks' YouTube videos, I've
been live-Tweeting the last few meetings; see https://twitter.com/kwlug

There's also http://identi.ca/kwlug Sadly, since the switch to pump.io
software I find Identi.ca too difficult to use; f'rinstance, I can't
even find a named anchor on the Identi.ca KWLUG page to point people to
a particular thread in the conversation.

So, I've just set up http://sn.jonkman.ca/kwlug to provide a F/LOSS way
to socially medialize. Any OStatus enabled service can connect, so if
you have a Diaspora, Friendica or StatusNet account you can subscribe to
this KWLUG account.

I'll use that to create an accessible thread for tonight's meeting.
Seems I can edit stuff on kwlug.org, so I'll try to add it myself.

And if anyone else wants to join me in being the voice of KWLUG on
Twitter, Identi.ca or StatusNet, please let me know and I'll give you
the keys to the front door.


On 13-09-09 03:31 PM, unsolicited wrote:
> The problem is that this is / becomes YAPU - Yet Another Place to Update.
> [Don't get Bob started on the proliferation of <x>, let alone in the
> twitterverse!]
> Even if twitter, facebook, kwlug-disc, google+, <your favourite place>,
> could be auto-included within the appropriate kwlug.org page, someone
> would have to maintain the list/links of 'appropriate kwlug.org pages'.
> e.g. Each meeting aggregation would presumably be at a different link.
> kwlug.org has never seemed to be a really popular place to post stuff.
> What to do about that or how to 'fix' it, I have no idea.
> Khalid - what Drupal things are out there surrounding this sort of
> collection / collective content maintenance?
> -- Bill
> [Who doesn't understand why Bob ...]
> On 13-09-09 02:26 PM, Andrew Sullivan Cant wrote:
>> I'd like to see more useful information in kwlug.org.
>> As as start to that idea I tried adding Paul's meeting notes and
>> embedding Colin's videos for the following meetings:
>> Panel Discussion: Earning a Living with FLOSS
>> http://kwlug.org/node/888
>> Bitcoin and Ripple
>> http://kwlug.org/node/892
>> Thoughts?
>> Andrew
>> (P.S.: Other things that I was considering might be useful:
>> - transcriptions for the video
>> - embedding presentation slides when possible
>> - expanding on post-meeting notes (links and critical points of the talk)
>> - listings tweets about the meeting (I think that Bob has been live
>> tweeting many of the meetings)
>> )
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