[kwlug-disc] Trying out some additional material on past meeting pages...

Bob Jonkman bjonkman at sobac.com
Tue Sep 10 03:53:18 EDT 2013

Tonight's presentations were live-dented -- the full conversation is
visible at


and nicely sorted in ascending order (your own OStatus client could
display it as a threaded converstation).  There's an RSS feed for just
this conversation at


(or http://sn.jonkman.ca/api/statusnet/conversation/30773.atom for
standards conformance weenies)

I'll work on putting that feed into tonight's meeting announcement (but
not right now).

You can get KWLUG's dents in Atom/RSS at


and Atom/RSS feeds are on that page. All of KWLUG's subscriptions are at


again with Atom/RSS feeds.

And everything posted on StatusNet is bridged to Twitter, so anyone who
subscribes to https://twitter.com/kwlug will get the full stream. It's a
two-way Twitterbridge, so Tweets sent to @KWLUG will show up in
StatusNet too.

Ain't F/LOSS grand!  Grander than those proprietary silos, anyway.

Oh, and if anyone wants to join a StatusNet site there are some public
ones listed at


Popular StatusNet sites for joining are http://quitter.se,
http://micro.fragdev.com and http://oracle.skilledtests.com but of
course you're encouraged to set up your own instance. I wonder if KWLUG
could have one of its own...


On 13-09-09 04:48 PM, Bob Jonkman wrote:
> I'm all in favour of having info appear in multiple places. But
> unsolicited is right, it would be good to have these things update
> themselves from the authoritative sources, such as an Atom/RSS feed. Of
> course, Google, Twitter et.al. have discontinued publishing Atom/RSS
> feeds, the better to coerce you into their ecosystems.
> In addition to Paul's meeting notes and Chamunks' YouTube videos, I've
> been live-Tweeting the last few meetings; see https://twitter.com/kwlug
> There's also http://identi.ca/kwlug Sadly, since the switch to pump.io
> software I find Identi.ca too difficult to use; f'rinstance, I can't
> even find a named anchor on the Identi.ca KWLUG page to point people to
> a particular thread in the conversation.
> So, I've just set up http://sn.jonkman.ca/kwlug to provide a F/LOSS way
> to socially medialize. Any OStatus enabled service can connect, so if
> you have a Diaspora, Friendica or StatusNet account you can subscribe to
> this KWLUG account.
> I'll use that to create an accessible thread for tonight's meeting.
> Seems I can edit stuff on kwlug.org, so I'll try to add it myself.
> And if anyone else wants to join me in being the voice of KWLUG on
> Twitter, Identi.ca or StatusNet, please let me know and I'll give you
> the keys to the front door.
> --Bob.
> On 13-09-09 03:31 PM, unsolicited wrote:
>> The problem is that this is / becomes YAPU - Yet Another Place to Update.
>> [Don't get Bob started on the proliferation of <x>, let alone in the
>> twitterverse!]
>> Even if twitter, facebook, kwlug-disc, google+, <your favourite place>,
>> could be auto-included within the appropriate kwlug.org page, someone
>> would have to maintain the list/links of 'appropriate kwlug.org pages'.
>> e.g. Each meeting aggregation would presumably be at a different link.
>> kwlug.org has never seemed to be a really popular place to post stuff.
>> What to do about that or how to 'fix' it, I have no idea.
>> Khalid - what Drupal things are out there surrounding this sort of
>> collection / collective content maintenance?
>> -- Bill
>> [Who doesn't understand why Bob ...]
>> On 13-09-09 02:26 PM, Andrew Sullivan Cant wrote:
>>> I'd like to see more useful information in kwlug.org.
>>> As as start to that idea I tried adding Paul's meeting notes and
>>> embedding Colin's videos for the following meetings:
>>> Panel Discussion: Earning a Living with FLOSS
>>> http://kwlug.org/node/888
>>> Bitcoin and Ripple
>>> http://kwlug.org/node/892
>>> Thoughts?
>>> Andrew
>>> (P.S.: Other things that I was considering might be useful:
>>> - transcriptions for the video
>>> - embedding presentation slides when possible
>>> - expanding on post-meeting notes (links and critical points of the talk)
>>> - listings tweets about the meeting (I think that Bob has been live
>>> tweeting many of the meetings)
>>> )
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