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Jonathan D. Poole jpoole at digitaljedi.ca
Thu Oct 3 08:20:06 EDT 2013

Hello Paul,

There is a lot of choices, and it can be confusing, it has become quite the 
commodity with web hosting companies, resellers, affiliates, platforms and 
the like.   I'd say it's best to find 4 or 5 different companies, compare 
the hosting plans, pricing, etc.  Then ask them all a pre-sales question or 
fire an email to their support at company.com inbox and see how quickly you get 
a reply.  Generally this will give you a good idea on the feedback you are 
provided, time it took to get back to you, gut feeling, etc.

Now to put on my sales cap...

Boxfabric offers shared hosting for many word press websites.  We're a 100% 
Canadian owned/operated (if that matters), based out of Ottawa, Ontario.  We 
have shared webhosting, with email both unix and windows platforms.  We also 
offer hosted Exchange, VPS, Collocation, VPC's and PaaS/IaaS offerings.

If she wants to compare our shared web hosting plans, 
http://cp.boxfabric.com/ has our different shared hosting packages and 
pricing listed there.

In all honesty tell her to go with whomever she can see herself working with 
over the course of her term.  Hope that may shed some light.

Jonathan D. Poole

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This is not really offtopic, since the desire is to do some Wordpress
hosting, as well as some email. It may be a contentious topic, since
there is so much choice (and I believe some people on this list offer
webhosting services).

Anyways, I was recently asked about webhosting for a business. The
person in question has a simple Wordpress site and three email
accounts. She has hosting already (with Clickhost) but is unhappy with
them because their email went down for a week -- so reliability and
security (whatever "security" means) are important to her. I am pretty
sure she wants shared hosting, as opposed to colocation or a VPS. She
just wants a website and email, not to be a sysadmin.

I am kind of lost about what to tell her. There are so many hosting
companies out there, and evaluating what ones are good (and what
criteria to use in evaluating them) makes my head spin. Anecdotes and
word of mouth are two tools for suggesting webhosts, but are there
other ways to come to good decisions about this?

- Paul


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