[kwlug-disc] Evaluating webhosting

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Thu Oct 3 07:42:00 EDT 2013

If you take Wordpress out of the equation, do some choices become more 
self-evident? i.e. If you're willing to re-evaluate whether it's time to 
replace Wordpress for some more current / user friendly / popular 
application, then host choice decision thrashing may diminish somewhat.

To what becomes the question, then. Drupal? Which would still leave you 
searching for a hosting provider.

But if you went to something like Google Sites or Apps, despite the 
google-ick factor, you would gain the almost certain guarantee of uptime 
and 'user-friendliness' / community support availability / google 
ecosystem. And ... probably a larger pool of potential content 
maintainers you can hand the work off to.


Something off go daddy? (Seems to be more and more popular.)

I guess it's the 'nobody got fired for buying IBM' idea.

At the least, e-mail and web presentation don't have to be from the same 
company. e.g. kwootc.net is a free google app web presence, using a 
purchased ($10/year through them) domain, where the A and MX records are 
under my control. Same domain name, but e-mail and web don't have to be 
from the same providers. Or sub-domains.

On 13-10-03 02:00 AM, Paul Nijjar wrote:
> This is not really offtopic, since the desire is to do some Wordpress
> hosting, as well as some email. It may be a contentious topic, since
> there is so much choice (and I believe some people on this list offer
> webhosting services).
> Anyways, I was recently asked about webhosting for a business. The
> person in question has a simple Wordpress site and three email
> accounts. She has hosting already (with Clickhost) but is unhappy with
> them because their email went down for a week -- so reliability and
> security (whatever "security" means) are important to her. I am pretty
> sure she wants shared hosting, as opposed to colocation or a VPS. She
> just wants a website and email, not to be a sysadmin.
> I am kind of lost about what to tell her. There are so many hosting
> companies out there, and evaluating what ones are good (and what
> criteria to use in evaluating them) makes my head spin. Anecdotes and
> word of mouth are two tools for suggesting webhosts, but are there
> other ways to come to good decisions about this?
> - Paul

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