[kwlug-disc] OT - Mechanical engineers in this group (Or Kwartzlab)

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Being the parent you probably do not want to hear this due to
the expense.

IMO Why choose? Have your son do both: mech eng and
medical science.

I have seen trends over the years where people who
combine disciplines seem to be the most marketble.

Legal + Eng; Legal +
Med; Eng + Med; etc. 

Aside: In about 1948 1949 Bell Helicopters
(Buffalo) hired a philosopher + areonautical eng to assist in the design
of the famous military Bell helicpoter seen in the intro of M*A*S*H. The
final design incorporated a spherical plexiglass bubble and put the
pilot as close as possible to the front of the bubble. 

Courtesy of a
tour of the Muesum of Modern Art (MOMA) in NYC.

John Johnson


SUBJECT: [kwlug-disc] OT - Mechanical
engineers in this group (Or Kwartzlab)
DATE: Tue, 19 Nov 2013 14:20:42
-0800 (PST)
FROM: Raul Suarez 
TO: KW Linux UserGroup 


I know that there is substantial cross pollination
between this group and the Kwartzlab so I will throw it here: 

My son
is debating between Medicine and Mechanical engineering, He is almost
done with his undergrad on Biomed. He would like to talk to someone that
has done or is doing Mechanical engineering and get feedback. (he'll
have the same conversation with surgeons :) ) 

If you are or know
someone that is in that area, please let me know if we can put them in

Today he will go to Kwartz lab just to socialize with likely
minded people. 

Raul Suarez 

Technology consultant 
Software, Hardware
and Practices 
Twitter: rarsamx

An eclectic collection of random thoughts 

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