[kwlug-disc] Free to Good Home(s): Classic Computing Gear

Stephen Worotynec sw at smoky.ca
Tue Nov 19 22:19:09 EST 2013

Hi all, due to a relocation for work, I have a need/wish to clear out various classic computing gear. 

This is all located near Victoria/King, on the No. 4 bus line.  Some items are heavy.

Exceedingly brief descriptions here. Please email me for more information about specific items. All the computers were working when last turned on.


1. SGI
Origin 300 (2U dual proc rackmount)
IRIX disc set

2. Sun
Sunblade 100/150s  - 2 or 3
IPX (This is a classic SUN "lunchbox" workstation. I am the second owner, purchased it in 1998.)
Ultra 60
Ultra 2 
Sunblade 1500
Tatung sparc clone
Solaris media galore, Solaris 10 on CD back to SunOS on tape.

3. HP
Two HP C8000s- these each have two smoking fast 1.0GHz PA-RISC processors.
HP-UX media

5. DEC
VAXstation 4000/60 with non-matching external full height 1GB drive
LK501 keyboard
DECLaser 1152 - this has inputs galore, including MMJ. Original manual also.
And if I can find them - both VMS and OpenVMS media.

6. Doodads
AUI-10BaseT transceivers
MMJ-Serial adapters
SCSI cables, adapters, terminators
SCSI CD-ROMS, tape drives

7. Cisco
857W ADSL wireless router. I used it for several years, but may be bad or require cisco-fu.
2900something switch, some bad ports
1605 router

7. Even a PC and a Mac
IBM server somethingSeries 1U - can get details
Mac Classic II - original owner - still working 25+ years later. Takes 5 minutes or so to boot (I may be exaggerating).

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