[kwlug-disc] OT: Eyesurf and VoIP

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Wed May 1 11:53:30 EDT 2013

Sorry, no answers, but more questions.

It feels like the registration heartbeat from the ATA is not getting 
through. (But you knew that.) Perhaps blocked by the pfsense box 

- can voip.ms give you any registration logs? (If you know when 
registered, and how frequently it should refresh, it may narrow down 
some log combing?)
- can pfsense give you any logs of heartbeat attempts? The ATA?
- any chance you can put a traffic monitor / filter in the stream, 
within pfsense, to watch for them? (Would this be an MRTG thing?)

Given your other sites ... can you throw one line from voip.ms on to 
them for a bit? See if the problem follows the provider? (Apparently 
voip to voip is free at voip.ms, perhaps create an inter-location direct 
link? i.e. May not even need to throw a line over, add a couple new free 
ones, one to each location?)

You say a minor config change does the trick. If you have the monitor in 
place and try a reset, do you see registration happen in the logs then? 
Could you be running into what I am right now with OpenWRT - it just 
falls over. Resets don't restore connectivity. But if I pull the power 
for 15 minutes, it all just comes back. So, instead of a reset, if you 
pull the power from it for 15, will it come back without the config change?

On 13-05-01 11:20 AM, Paul Nijjar wrote:
> I have posted about this before, I think, but I am hoping that now
> that Eyesurf is well-established in the area there might be additional
> experience out there.
> We have one site that gets VoIP via voip.ms . Every so often it loses
> its registration, and it is hard to get the registration back up. Here
> is our setup:
> - Eyesurf is our ISP, with an ADSL modem in bridge mode
> - The modem goes into a pfSense box
> - The pfSense box goes into an ATA (Linksys SPA8000)
> - The SPA8000 goes into a Norstar KSU
> Once the account has lost registration, the only way I know how to fix
> the problem is:
> - Log into the ATA
> - Make a nontrivial change (I change the proxy server for voip.ms)
> - Reboot
> Simply rebooting does not fix the problem.
> I do not think that the ATA hardware is defective, because I have
> swapped out the ATA for a different one. I have not ruled out that
> there is something about the SPA8000 itself that is problematic, but I
> do not think this should be the case: the SPA8000 is composed of a
> bunch of Linksys 2102 boxes hooked together, and I am using SPA8000s
> in several other places successfully.
> My next step was going to be porting the DID to Unlimitel, which has
> been working reliably for us. But now I think that is stupid: I do not
> have any other setups like this one: no other setups go through
> pfSense, and no other setups use Eyesurf as the ISP.
> So, my question: Has anybody else gotten VoIP.ms working reliably with
> Eyesurf? If your setup uses an ATA that is a bonus for me, but even
> direct VoIP connections with Asterisk or whatever would be helpful to
> know. If you have gotten VoIP working reliably on Eyesurf with some
> other provider then I would be interested in knowing that as well.
> I have heard of one other person who has run into problems with this
> interaction, but I do not know whether he is too shy to speak up on
> this list with details. I have a feeling that hiccup did not involve a
> pfSense box.
> Clearly I have more troubleshooting to do on my end. I had not
> realized that my setup at this location was so different than others.
> But if you have anecdotes (positive or negative) about using Eyesurf
> with VoIP providers would be helpful.
> - Paul

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