[kwlug-disc] Your CDs --> media centre (for a presentation)

Richard Weait richard at weait.com
Thu Mar 14 07:22:47 EDT 2013

I'm doing a talk on converting a CD collection for use in a home media
system in May.  One thing I'd like to add to the presentation is ... Wait
for it, ...

Timing.  How long does it take to convert a bunch of CDs?  My process
improved from start to finish, so my data is no good.  I could convert my
CDs again, but that's a stupids waste of time. So, here is my offer:

I'll convert your CD collection for you.  You provide your CDs and a drive,
I return the CDs and drive with the data on the drive as well.  Then your
CDs will be ready to run on your media centre[1].

Some restrictions apply, of course.

- I only need one or two collections.
- The CDs should be packaged safely for transport and access to the CDs; no
soggy cardboard. No sharp edges.
- I guarantee that I will break at least some of your jewel cases; That's
how they work.  :(
- The CDs must be from a non-smoking environment.
- The drive should be new, working and blank.
- I'd rather not have more than one collection at the same time.
- No deadlines.

Let me know.

[1] FSVO media centre
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