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Richard I've been looking into this with DVDs and found some pretty interesting results. Of course the more cores and RAM the faster the video encoding, but ripping actually depends largely on the DVD drive itself. I tested about a dozen drives (of which I printed the results for 7) and found that: PATA vs. SATA is not really a factor (8 core system with SATA DVD didn't rip as fast as a dual core with a PATA DVD drive from 2001). I also found some DVD manufacturers drives consistently perform worse than others (ahem LG). Ripping normally takes between 4 to 10 minutes depending on the drive (in my test one took over 14 minutes). It's the encoding that takes time (1 hour 45 minutes on Athlon XP 2.6GHz 1GB system compared to 26 minutes on an 8 core system with 16GB RAM). Of course this depends on options you choose for the encoding. I used Acidrip for my testing but have since switched to using makemkv and handbrake.
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