[kwlug-disc] rogers cable modem upgrade?

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Mon Jul 15 14:13:54 EDT 2013

Agreed, from what I have read. Primarily their site.

Support facilities are really poor.

But my perception has been that once it's working, and it may be a trial 
to get it working (due to cancellations / Rogers / Acanac inter-company 
issues), it's working.

Short of major glitch or neighbour digging where they shouldn't, I would 
expect it ... just works. (And in those cases, there's probably lots of 
people already all over the issue.)

Thus my question, in case I'm not thinking correctly.

Thanks for sharing your experience!

On 13-07-15 01:59 PM, Adam Glauser wrote:
> I have had a good experience with Acanac DSL. I don't get really high
> speeds but I am in the burbs pretty far from a CO. It is consistent and
> reliable.
> It seems that the trade off vs. more expensive choices is in live support
> availability. I had a problem last night (which I believe was due to
> overheated equipment on my end). I found out that their support is not
> available on the weekend, but they had an excellent FAQ and forum.
> I haven't actually needed to call support in years, so this is a trade off
> that I like.
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