[kwlug-disc] Unification of the Linux ARM universe [Was: Re: Nexus7/Installation - Ubuntu Wiki]

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Fri Jan 11 10:43:56 EST 2013

Ah. Interesting point. Hadn't considered the 'cross-device consistent 
look and feel' factor.

Sure, and I whine when I sit down to functionality that works 
differently app to app (crossing vendors) - I can see your point.

Even sitting down to different OS installs, let alone versions, of 
LibreOffice. Will you STOP messing with the icons, making me hunt for 
where the darn thing is now, and just let me get on with using the 
thing, and my day!

Is the consistent look and feel thing not what OpenDesktop was all 
about,and hasn't quite gone as well as one might hope? (OpenDesktop is 
probably the wrong term, whatever was to bring consistent menus, icons, 
window behaviour, <other stuff?> - across distros.)

On 13-01-11 10:17 AM, L.D. Paniak wrote:
> On 01/11/2013 09:43 AM, unsolicited wrote:
>> On 13-01-11 09:25 AM, L.D. Paniak wrote:
>> .
>> .
>> .
>>> I, for one, am looking forward to the unification of the Linux ARM
>>> universe.
>> Isn't that likely to be Android?
>> (And if so, isn't Ubuntu the fragmenter, here?)
> I meant at the kernel level.  There is no "x86" for ARM hardware (yet)
> where you can have a single kernel image that will run on any device.
> This may not be totally achievable as ARM just licenses architecture to
> vendors who then "differentiate" their products.
> And then there are the drivers...
>> I don't expect Google will adopt Ubuntu any time soon. Samsung?
>> Unless Ubuntu is even more successful than it has been on the desktop.
>> And neither unless tablets take over the world?
>> Honest questions.
>  From the desktop point-of-view, I would humbly claim that Ubuntu Unity
> gives the best single desktop if you want the identical experience on
> superphone, tablet, laptop or multi-monitor PC (and TV?).  The runner up
> is the Win8 train wreck from MS.  Ubuntu on the Nexus7 behaves exactly
> as I expect under all situations and is comfortably usable (so long as
> the bugs stay down).  It really shows the level of thought the Canonical
> people put into this design and should be commended.

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