[kwlug-disc] Any experience with cloudatcost.com VPS?

Andrew Sullivan Cant acant at alumni.uwaterloo.ca
Fri Dec 27 14:15:03 EST 2013

Where did you hear about the VMWare infrastructure?
I know that VMWare itself it built on RedHat, but if cloudatcost is not
actually doing much work with FLOSS directly then maybe there is less
presentation possibility.


On 16/12/13 15:56, Chamunks Arkturus wrote:
> I've a few services with cloud at cost and as long as you don't mind
> that you're probably not going to reach anything near 100% network
> uptime or hardware availability these are great.  They tend to ship some
> flaky ubuntu server images that require IO timeout tweaks taht help
> avoiding kernel panics etc.  I'm optimistic that these issues may end up
> leveling out but its definitely a rocky shore right now. 
> I tried installing a ZNC instance on a 35$ one and its definitely flaked
> out at least once each week for the last couple of months.  They're
> apparently backed by vmware infrastructure in some way or another. 
> Their support doesn't respond much at all either so as long as you don't
> mind basically having to re-image the server to solve problems thats
> also a small hitch.  Granted I'm not an elite sysadmin but I'm doing
> what I can to learn and these VPS's are great for the learning curve and
> if you want to have a few little services that arent going to need 100%
> uptime but would be nice to have when it feels like the weather's warm
> enough to be online then they're great!
> Either way because they're technically not a bad idea just like running
> a server on your home internet connection is also technically not a bad
> idea I will likely keep checking out a few of them for some services I
> would use them for but yeah thats my experience this far.  Its really a
> disheartening start but they seem to be working through it all.
> On Sun, Dec 15, 2013 at 4:56 PM, Bob Jonkman <bjonkman at sobac.com
> <mailto:bjonkman at sobac.com>> wrote:
>     I was at a seminar recently where the invited speaker was a vendor. The
>     presentation was at a suitably technical level. The problem was not
>     *enough* self-promotion by the vendor: After a good explanation of
>     problems and solutions we had to ask "But what products and services is
>     your company offering to combat these problems, and at what prices?"
>     No point in having a vendor come in if they're not vending. But I agree
>     that product shilling shouldn't overwhelm the presentation.
>     --Bob.
>     On 13-12-15 10:42 AM, unsolicited wrote:
>     > Ach. I dunno, there's been some decent ones too. At wwitpro too.
>     e.g. An
>     > MS Sharepoint presentation there worked out quite well - they rose to
>     > the level of the audience. Rose above newbieness to 'what is this
>     > beastie' and not much more, because the audience at the time wasn't
>     > ready for much more.
>     >
>     > VMware at kwlug was almost as good. Started out VERY sales pitchy
>     but by
>     > the end, given the nature of the audience, were getting right into the
>     > technical stuff for us. Also an, in the end, good experience. To me,
>     > anyways. But it sure didn't start out well.
>     >
>     > Perhaps it depends upon what department they come from, and whether or
>     > not it's a pre-packaged sales pitch presentation, vs something
>     from the
>     > tech. department?
>     >
>     > Part of the problem with both groups is finding the right balance
>     > between professional development looking to leverage work
>     environments,
>     > and non-professional home users looking to expand their knowledge.
>     > Particularly that those in the profession live the ecosystem for many
>     > hours each day and so bring a lot of background knowledge and
>     comfort to
>     > any seminar. While the home user often struggles to comprehend the
>     > nature of the rather big ecosystem out there. Easy example is
>     SANS, and
>     > fibre, let alone non-default file systems, which the home user
>     wouldn't
>     > normally experience. To know it's even out there, let alone its nature
>     > or ramifications.
>     >
>     > Cloud is an easy example where the latter probably applies for the
>     vast
>     > majority - few in either camp will be directly involved in cloud
>     > configuration, and I doubt the majority of home users have played with
>     > vm's - it taking a certain amount of horsepower to do so, if they even
>     > see the point for them in their home environment.
>     >
>     > A less than deeply technical, these are the finer points of apache ini
>     > cache configurations in your multi-homed active swap configuration, vs
>     > 'what is this beastie' and 'what buying criteria points should I care
>     > about and how do I implement them' will likely suit the majority.
>     >
>     > It probably depends upon which department the presenter comes from?
>     >
>     >
>     > On 13-12-15 06:40 AM, Richard Weait wrote:
>     >> On Dec 15, 2013 1:04 AM, Andrew Sullivan Cant
>     >> <acant at alumni.uwaterloo.ca <mailto:acant at alumni.uwaterloo.ca>> wrote:
>     >>>
>     >>> Me too....I'll try to connect with someone at Fibernetics and see
>     >>> where things go.
>     >>>
>     >>> My original thought was an engineering focused presentation, if
>     >>> that was possible, and not just a sales focused one. It would seem
>     >>> more appropriate given the audience.
>     >>
>     >> I remember organizing a commercial presentation for kwlug a few years
>     >> back. I won't name names because I found the experience wholly
>     >> unsatisfactory. The company agreed to put on a technical
>     >> presentation, not a sales pitch. They agreed to take specific
>     >> technical  questions. What they delivered was merely a mind numbing
>     >> tech-free sales pitch. and so I do not trust that company at all for
>     >> anything.  And I do not look forward to having any other company
>     >> desecrate a kwlug meeting. The experience was horrible last time.
>     >
>     >
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