[kwlug-disc] What are people using to write HTML with?

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Thu Dec 12 01:15:38 EST 2013

Good / interesting question.

OTOH, I want to say bloatware / complexity. e.g. css And redundant / 
useless div's, spans, and the like.

OTOH, sheer complexity? In favour of entire 'environments' and IDEs? Web 
is no longer just html. Add in 'connectedness', the number of 
connectors, widgets, 'code bits', and other 'standard everywhere' 
fanciness, is it all too much for ed or vi? If everything is objects ...

Stylistic consistency, code reuse, ...

Publishing has gone beyond the realm of the individual page coder to 
Drupal, Wordpress, wiki's, and the like?

And depends upon what one is trying to do - a single page, get noticed 
(so Facebook, Google+, linkedin, twitter?), a small 'site', or an entire 
business / web presence / connectedness?

And do any CMS comparisons, as you note, and you'll drown in choices 
(while it all being beyond anyone's ability to understand 'what it all 

On 13-12-12 01:00 AM, John Kerr wrote:
> I wonder, Since most of the websites are run under Content Management
> programs that have their own html editor, is that why we are seeing fewer
> editors or editors that have not been improved on too much?
> Just asking.

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