[kwlug-disc] Meeting topic request

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Sat Apr 13 14:29:05 EDT 2013

All of this stuff about ZFS on Linux and btrfs sounds pretty
interesting, but I doubt I am never going to bother learning about them
until I have to and/or I am spoonfed information in a meeting. 

My main questions: 

- What are they?
- What makes them cool?
- Are distributions moving towards them, or will we stay with ext4 and
  friends forever?
- What does the future look like? (eg who is developing ZFS now that
  Sun got eaten up?)
- What are the implications for those of us who are mere mortals and
  not bleeding-edge linux gurus? (aka "Why do we care?")

Would any of you knowledgable brave souls be willing to give a talk
on next generation filesystems? We could split an evening into one
person talking about ZFS and another about btrfs (or perhaps some
other filesystem we really should know about).

- Paul


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