[kwlug-disc] feedback request to shape the November topic

Bob Jonkman bjonkman at sobac.com
Sat Oct 13 17:42:58 EDT 2012

I'm looking for distros that will work on old, underpowered hardware.  For
example, I have an IBM T30(?) laptop with a 300 MHz CPU, 512 MBytes RAM
and an 8 GByte hard drive. It currently has CrunchBang on it, but that
doesn't recognize any of the PC Card network adapters.

So, any info on optimizing for obsolete HW is good...


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On Sat, October 13, 2012 13:01, R. Brent Clements wrote:
> In order to make the topic of Arch Linux more relevant to what people
> hope to get out of it, I welcome any input on what people would like
> to see focussed on.  I don't imagine a simple walkthru of the
> installation is really of that much interest.
> Specifically, if people could answer this question:
> Why are you (or would you be) interested in using a distro that
> requires so much more hands on work to install and configure?
> I know that the first answer that will come to mind for most people is
> simply to try it, or in order to learn more about how their system
> works "under the hood".  And that is a perfectly valid response to my
> question.  However, I am more looking for specific applications or
> goals that I may be able to address in the discussion.
> The presentation probably will include some amount of comparison to
> other "hands on" distros I am familiar with.
> Brent
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