[kwlug-disc] Whither the Android/Lniux PIM?

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Mon Oct 1 18:01:22 EDT 2012

Set aside korganizer (kdepim) and Evolution for the moment (no universal 
UI, e.g. Web, Android).

My favourite Palm PIM is Agendus. Others liked DateBk or just Palm 
Desktop. (I am aware of pimlical, bundle it in as DateBk for the 
moment.) Think of these as Palm equivalents to Outlook, kdepim, or 
Evolution - although, 'sadly', dependent upon the Palm Desktop backend, 
which never made it beyond Palm. (So they can't just pick up Agendus, 
code convert it for another platform, and drop it in - it would be 
missing the entire data storage back end. Palm Desktop 6.2, as I 
understand it, actually moved to an MS Access back end, while the better 
4.2 was Palm proprietary.)

Anyone know of decent cross-platform / look at the same (local, my) data 
PIM, including an Android UI of it? [I have seen MLO - My Life Organized 
(has only a win version on the pc side), and Essential PIM (missing 
Calendar on Android, let alone also win only), gtasks, google tasks, 
NextAction, Jorte, Astrid / Toodledo, and BusinessCalendar.]

There is Google, which doesn't well integrate tasks. Consider it a back 
end, and because of the lack of tasks a somewhat broken one.

There have been threads here in the past about things like gtasks, and 
agenda widgets that bundle google tasks and calendar into a single 
interface, but in the end they are still distinct things.

I wonder if the PIM has evolved into CRM / CMS / groupware. Does the 
thought hold any water?

Let alone good Android interfaces to them that don't require hosting 
one's own server.

Thoughts / any good Android PIMs out there?

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