[kwlug-disc] VPS hosting

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Tue Nov 27 09:59:22 EST 2012

Is it worth, then, farming this out to some sort of service provider? 
Let them figure out the VPS solution - all of the issues then become 
their problem, not yours?

At the very least, it would encapsulate the costs, which can be 
communicated and the powers that be then decide if they're willing to 
bear that cost. (As opposed to an inhouse server and avoiding all your 
potential VPS issues. While gaining all the issues of maintaining 'yet 
another box' - managing YAV, Yet Another Vendor, vs consumed floor space.)

A service provider quote would allow you to make the point that whether 
or not they spend that amount externally, they are going to expend those 
costs one way or another.

Your time has value / is a (somewhat?) quantifiable expense.

Let alone the opportunity cost of what you're not doing while you're 
doing this - be it inhouse, or managing your own VPS. vs someone 
managing it for you.

Anyone got service provider recommendations / ballpark costs, vs rolling 
your own remote server?

Such could give Paul some ammunition.

It's the same argument as to why some use java instead of writing 
everything in C, let alone assembler. At some point rolling your own is 
providing diminishing results at greater cost. Particularly opportunity 

On 12-11-26 09:37 PM, Paul Nijjar wrote:
> It is more work and more risk, and given that we are not keeping up
> with the work we have now, deciding to go VPS is not a trivial
> decision.

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