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Fernando Duran liberosec at yahoo.ca
Tue Nov 27 08:52:39 EST 2012

> ...
>>  What's the terrifying concerns you have? are they based on security?
>>  or just that the internet is a dark scary place full of peddlers,
>>  liars, and thieves?
> All of the above, and specifically things like DDoS attacks and
> defacers. Certainly apticron and locking down the basics is part of
> the answer, but running a production server on the internet means that
> when things break you have to find the solutions and fix them (often
> under high pressure). When you have shared hosting you have at least
> one other head to help deal with problems. 

- Regarding the extra heads: there are managed hosting cloud offerings; Rackspace is an extra $100/month I think, I haven't personally used it but I've heard good things about it (they'll do things like set up mysql replication etc AFAIK). Softlayer.com is another (more expensive) option which also offers managed hosting, they have some default security measures in place.

- Regarding defending against DDoS and other attacks, the cloud is actually better than say hosting yourself a server in a rack somewhere since you can spin more images of your current server with a couple of clicks, use load balancers in front of your servers or Content Distribution Networks for your content.


> It is more work and more risk, and given that we are not keeping up
> with the work we have now, deciding to go VPS is not a trivial
> decision. 
> - Paul
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